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As all our Next Gen Chaser Bins are built with split cut-off plates as standard, this allows the bin to be converted to a Seed & Fertiliser Bin by simply bolting on a few extra parts.

Our Seed & Fertiliser Kit comes with all the required parts, along with simple and concise instructions. In a matter of minutes, the bin is ready to be used for the planting season.

Once fitted, the kit does not have to be removed to use the bin for harvest. You simply open the partition door, lock it into the opened position and start to harvest. The open partition door simply allows the grain to flow between the 2 compartments without restricting the capacity of the bin.

  • Next Gen Bins - Built for Adaptability
  • Easy to Fit
  • Ready in minutes
  • No need to remove for harvest
  • Available for entire range
  • Adjustable Seeding Attachment
  • Key Features
    • Easy to Fit
    • Installed in minutes
    • Available for all models
    • No need to remove
      for harvesting
    • Each compartment holds
      half of bins capactity
    • Adjustable Seeding Attachment

    More Optional Features