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High capacity, user friendly, reliability.

Our full range of augers receive the same dedication and commitment to quality as the existing Finch range of products, ensuring they exceed the expectations of a traditional auger.

Our most popular auger in the range, the HLS features the new EFI Vanguard petrol V twin engine, Hi-lift scissor V belt drive and hydraulic drive kit, the auger is designed to maximize grain output for any given barrel diameter and length.

A strong 3mm spiral-welded barrel, wide wheel centres and low centre of gravity ensures stability even when the auger is at its maximum incline.

Complete fingertip control of the wheel drive, front/rear lift, and rear wheel steer guarantees precision movements navigating up to a silo.

Steer wheel to hopper clearance of 4 metres allows the auger to be used as both an in-load and an out-load auger.

  • Built for Adaptability
  • 3mm Welded Barrel
  • Heavy Wall Undercarriage
  • Powerful Engines
  • Reversible Gearbox
  • Dual Front Wheel Drive
  • Hydraulic Steering
  • Interchangable Hoppers
  • Standard Features
    • 3mm spiral welded barrel
    • Vanguard petrol engine
      (Electric Start)
    • 35L fuel tank
    • Manual spiral engage mechanism
    • Reversible gearbox
    • C Section V belt drive
    • 60-2 chain & sprockets
    • 1 piece spiral with continuous flight
    • 15L oil tank with sight glass and return filter
    • Hydraulic gear pump with electric clutch
    • New 235/15 front wheels and tires
    • New 23/8.5-12 single rear wheel and tire
    • Scissor lift mechanism
    • Lift range 15° – 35°
    • Lockout valve fitted to lift cylinder
    • Foldaway tow hitch suit 50mm ball
    • Fixed hopper with bearing mounted outside
    • Interchangeable Truck/Silo hoppers
    • Removable cleanout door
    • 2Pak automotive finish


    Barrel Length Barrel Diameter Engine / HP / Wheel Centres Lift Height @ 35°
    40ft 9 inch Vanguard - 37Hp EFI - 2.25m 6.6m
    47ft 9 inch Vanguard - 37Hp EFI - 2.25m 7.8m
    54ft 9 inch Vanguard - 37Hp EFI - 3.0m 9.0m
    60ft 9 inch Vanguard - 37Hp EFI - 3.0m 10.0m
    40ft 11 inch Vanguard - 37Hp EFI - 2.25m 6.6m
    47ft 11 inch Vanguard - 37Hp EFI -2.25m 7.8m
    54ft 11 inch Vanguard - 37Hp EFI - 3.0m 9.0m

    Standard Features