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Young beginings

Des, a grain farmer’s son has always had a creative mind, so at the tender age of 13, he and his brother built their dad a field bin to assist with the harvest – this big bin held 15 Ton.

Building the workshop

In 1981 he bought a vacant 6 acre block in Kaimkillenbun. It was there he built his first shed, making all the framework himself, as he didn’t want to borrow money to start up his little workshop. The project was completed over a two year period as funds were available.

A Deal that Ignites the Business

After the construction of the new workshop had been completed, the next challenge for Des was a concrete floor. He couldn’t afford to lay the floor, so he struck a deal with a relative – a Chaser Bin for a concrete floor.
The bin worked so well after Des had designed and drawn it with a piece of chalk on the concrete floor, that word soon spread and orders started to flow in from all the neighbours.

An Update at the Top and Design

Major changes at Finch Engineering occurred in 2007 with Des handing the reins over to his son, Leroy, who was tasked with the day to day running of the business. Also at this time a major design update was implemented to the now renowned bin design.
The entire range of Chaser Bins and Field Bins sported new sleek curves, intelligent updates to the chassis and augers, were built stronger and better all round, giving them a fresh lease of life.

Becoming the Grain Handling Specialists

Miitze Industries was purchased in 2009, as a result of this Finch Engineering immediately expanded and enhanced its product offering to include a wide range of augers, from the pencil auger to a sophisticated fully hydraulic, self-propelled system, silo storage and truck bulk bins. Through this Finch Engineering now had all areas of grain handling covered, from storage through to planting and harvesting. They had become the “Grain Handling Specialists”

The Next Generation

In 2015 there was another major development in the chaser bin range with the release of the Next Generation Chaser Bin. This was achieved through an extensive research and development program coupled with more than thirty years of Customer feedback and on the job experience.

The bin was built to be adaptable, versatile and robust enough to meet the ever changing needs of the modern Australian Farmer.

Some of the features include:
  • On the fly customisation, adaptability to add or remove parts easily.
  • An unload auger that can be left or right hand discharge by simply unbolting it, turning it around and reattaching it to the bin.
  • The walking beam was now fully fabricated from laser cut and folded plate, gaining superior strength.
  • The bin top was now 4 and 5mm plate, with all internal ribbing replaced by support plates, gaining strength and extra bin capacity, along with a smooth curved exterior.
  • The previous, separate Seed and Fertiliser model was discontinued, replaced by the adaptability of this Next Generation bin, which allows the farmer to simply bolt-in the additional Seed and Fertiliser Kit.
  • The Big Bin

    Another addition to the extensive range of bins was the 4MC, a huge haulout bin dedicated to controlled traffic of 4 metres.

    Extending the Reach - Tram Track Conveyor Attachment

    Extending the reach for controlled traffic farming systems, Finch Engineering launched the Controlled Traffic Conveyor System, a full length hydraulically driven conveyor that extends out to bridge the gap between chaser bin and harvester unload auger.