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As a result of over 30 years of customer feedback, Finch Engineering has designed and engineered its ‘Next Generation’ chaser bin.

Adding to current features like High Left Side, Split PTO Drive, Auger Truck Guard, Tool Box and Adjustable Hydraulic Cut-Off Plates, The Next Gen bin is built for adaptability by either removing components turning them and refitting or by retro-fitting new options.

• The 19" Unloading Auger is removable giving the customer the opportunity to unload either to the left side or the right side of the chaser bin. The unloading auger now has a torque reduction arm fitted to the hinge plate and a lock out valve fitted to the unloading auger ram. Still adding to the list of improvements we also fitted an automatic heavy duty tensioner to the cross auger duplex drive chain.

• The Walking Beam has new axle towers that enable the wheel to be removed, turned around and refitted taking the wheel centres from 2.7MC to 3.0MC (3.0MC requires escorting). The new design axle towers also allows the customer to retro-fit scaled axles to the bin at a later date due to the new bolt in axle design.

• The inside centre rib support is designed to have a partition fitted to create a split bin for the Seed and Fertiliser Kit. This can also be fitted at a later date due to the split hydraulic cut-off plates being standard on all bins.

• Drop Down Clean-Out Doors are now operated from the rear of the bin, one lever opens the front sections and the other lever opens the rear sections.

Virtually taking the place of additional headers, the efficiency and dependability of the Finch Engineering Chaser Bin ensures minimum down time.

  • Order the bin to suit your current needs at time of order or add options as your farming requirements change
  • Standard on 2.7 Metre Centre’s - Turn wheels around and it’s on 3.0 Metre Centre’s (38T Std on 3.0m).
  • Right or Left hand side Unloading Auger – Can be unbolted and turned around.
  • Hydraulic Split Cut-Off Plates Standard – Allowing for the Optional Seed and Fertiliser Partition Kit to be Fitted at a later date.
  • Triple Belt Conveyor for Controlled Traffic Farming – Can be Retrofitted later.
  • Bolt In Axles – Allows the bin to be retrofitted with the Scaled Axle Kit
  • Standard Features
    • High Left Side of Bin
    • 19" Unload Auger
      (10T/min at standard settings)
    • Unload Auger Left or Right Hand configuration
    • Walking Beam Chassis on 20T to 38T Bins
    • Single Axle on 20T
    • Split Adjustable Hydraulic Cut-off Plates
    • Handle Operated Split Clean-out Doors
    • Front & Rear Windows
    • External Grease Points
    • Replaceable Wear Plates
    • Adjustable Swivel Ball Hitch
    • Auger Work Light
    • Heavy Duty Toolbox
    • Two Stage, Two Speed Jack
    • New 30.5/32 Tyres
    • Heavy Duty Roll Tarp
    • External Swing Down Ladder
    • Internal Service Ladder
    • Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Primer
    • PPG 2Pak Automotive Paint
    • 10mm Floor Plate
    • 4mm One Piece Side Wall Sheets
    • 5mm Front & Rear Wall Sheets

    Optional Add-ons

    Standard Specifications

    SIZE 20T 25T 30T 35T 4MC 38T
      TYRES 30.5X32” 18 PLY 30.5X32” 18 PLY 30.5X32” 18 PLY 800 60-32 Radial 30.5X32” 18 PLY
      AXLE RATING 30 TON 60 TON 60 TON 60 TON 60 TON
    OVERALL LENGTH 7.7m 8.8m 10.0m 9.4m 10.0m
    OVERALL HEIGHT 3.5m 3.5m 3.5m 3.9m 3.8m
    OVERALL WIDTH 3.5m 3.5m 3.5m 4.9m 4.1m
      AUGER CLEARANCE 4.3m 4.3m 4.3m 5.2m 5.0m
      BIN LENGTH 4.8m 6.0m 7.2m 6.0m 7.2m
      BIN WIDTH 3.5m 3.5m 3.5m 4.4m 4.1m
      FILL HEIGHT 3.2m 3.2m 3.2m 3.2m 3.2m
      AXLE CENTRES N/A 2.0m 2.0m 2.0m 2.0m
      WHEEL CENTRES 2.7/3.0m 2.7/3.0m 2.7/3.0m 4.0m# 3.0m##
      TONGUE HEIGHT 530mm 530mm 530mm 530mm 530mm
      REAR CLEARANCE 830mm 830mm 830mm 830mm 830mm
      ACTUAL TONNAGE * 21.7T 27.3T 33.0T 36.6T 40.3T
      CAPACITY m³ 27.1m³ 34.2m³ 41.3m³ 45.8m³ 50.5m³
    [#] 35T AVAILABLE IN 4.0M ONLY - [##] 38T AVAILABLE IN 3.0m ONLY

    Standard Features

    Optional Features