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About us.
Finch Engineering was established in 1983 by Des and Keran Finch and to date is still a family owned and operated business. Based in the small township of Kaimkillenbun, Queensland, at the foot of the Bunya Mountains, Finch Engineering are renowned leaders in all aspects of grain handling equipment.

Finch Engineering was officially opened for business on the 1st September 1983 and has since grown in size and reputation to be known as the grain handling products of choice for today’s Australian farmer. From a humble beginning as a general welding and fabrication business, it has evolved over the years from initially building only haulout/Chaser bins to now having a full range of grain handling equipment complete with haulout/Chaser bins, field bins, livestock feeders and after acquiring Miitze Industries in 2009 a range of grain augers. The company expanded its production capacity in late 2013, with the extension of its fabrication shop. This created a smooth flowing production line, where all main elements of the product come together under one roof. Expert knowledge and equipment, along with the highest grade components, ensure every Finch Engineering product is built to last. The latest state of the art 3D CAD programs ensure all products undergo stress and performance testing before being built by our fabrication team. Once fabrication is complete, our painting and detailing teams ensure every Finch Engineering product leaves the factory gates looking its best and more importantly, ready to be used.

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Products we offer

We design and manufacture a wide range of Grain Haulout/Chaser Bins.
Ranging from 20T to 38T, we have a bin that suits your needs. Adaptable by design, our bins can be used for both harvesting and planting with a simple bolt-in kit, extending the range and capabilities of an already fantastic bin

We offer a range of mobile storage bins, both wheeled and zero-turn centre lift field bins.
Ranging in sizes from 55T to 145T, we have a Mobile Field Bin or Centre Lift Field Bin to suit your needs.

We offer a range of grain augers, from small diameter static augers to large hydraulic driven diesel powered in load augers.

We offer truck bulk bins, both single and dual partition.

We offer a range of Livestock feeders and Dual Purpose hayracks, all built to withstand the harshest conditions.

We offer a full range of Miitze spare parts, from auger barrels to gearboxes and drive belts.

We offer customised engineering services, from machining, welding & plasma cutting, to fully engineered design and assembly.